In H2 therefore, the researcher has focussed to analyse the following sector of hypothesis that:.

Here, the researcher has taken the hypothesis Homaximization of FDI in manufacturing Sector in Industry it develops the economic condition of the factory as well as the Country with maximizing GDP He.

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Supply chains under pressure: So, we reject the null hypothesis H 0 and accept the alternative hypothesis H e. It analyzes about the growth of economy and manufacturing sector of Indian Companies due to liberalization of Economic Policy of the Country as well as the policy framed by the honorable Prime Minister Mr.

Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis program will be used to analyze data ddi test hypotheses.

In this paper, the researcher have taken an hypothesis in anticipation of the afore mentioned problem title. Even though global economies are suffering with financial crisis and other economic hurdles, India still stands as a global investment destination. The liberalization of governance policies with regard to FDI in Indian automobile industry has resulted in the rapid growth of this industrial sector post With its fast growing economy, major global players in the automobile industry have been attracted to India.

Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Japanese FDI has additional positive impact in the automobile industry because of keiretsu specific benefits.

The Government of India has an ambitious plan to locally manufacture as many as products. Importance of policy of the government of India; already existing auto component suppliers cannot be denied.

Development of Indian automobile clusters : Role of Japanese FDI (foreign direct investment)

Government should design the FDI policy such a way where FDI inflow can be utilized as case study on fdi in automobile sector in india of enhancing domestic production, savings and exports through the equitable distribution among states by providing much freedom to states, so secror they can attract FDI inflows at their own level. Case study on fdi in automobile sector in india Development, 23 3 The economic development of a country is based on its Industries Revolution with more production and promotion Less Import and more Export of Product which are mostly possible through the revolution of agriculture, industries etc.


According to preliminary research and secondary data, there is a complexity between actors and the process of clusterization, which influences the development of dtudy automotive industry in India. India Japan Presentation to the Gerpisa colloquium. The entrance of foreign automobile companies in the market was restricted by the imposition of high import tariffs and other policies and measures. In s this company entered into a joint venture with Maruti Udyog, a state run enterprise.

FDI in Indian Automobile Industry | Economy Watch

FDI is also permitted in the manufacture of auto components in India. After preliminary research, these questions have been raised for further study and broader understanding of the development of Indian automobile cluster:.

And also multivariate linear regression will be used to test hypotheses because this method is extensively used in data analysis with data having dependent and independent variables. To investigate empirically cdi role and effect of Foreign Direct Investment FDI on manufacturing industry and its economic growth factors and their causality using annual data of Indian Economy over the post reforms period to FDI effects on national competitiveness: The objective of this research is to understand the process of development of the automotive clusters in India, specifically looking at the case studies of Suzuki, the leading MNE multi- national enterprise in the National Capital Region NCR auto cluster.


Qualitative data analysis will be used taking case study on fdi in automobile sector in india account both secondhand and primary data and linking it with research question. Search Search this site: The study carried out is analytical and empirical in case study on fdi in automobile sector in india in which it explores the relationship between the Inflows of FDI and their impact on I economic growth. Local players like government, suppliers have also played their part in the clusterization of automobile industry in India.

FDI in Indian Automobile Industry

Participant-observation research at a third-tier automotive supplier in Japan. FDI boosts manufacturing industry by aiding setting up of various manufacturing units in different parts of India.

However, in modern era, this concept is popularized by Michael Porter.