Industrial Democracy: Worker’s Participation in Management in India

Introduction Of Industrial Relation Management. Trade unions and the Govt can play a major and meaningful role in organizing and conducting training programmes.

Sometimes new employees do not settle well. In addition, management has a moral responsibility to implement recommendation made by joint councils.

Workers’ Participation in Management (WPM) in India

Following this, some works aorkers were also set up in the Government Printing Presses and Railways. Industrial Disputes Act, was the first step in this direction, which recommended for the setting up of works committees. View access options My Account Welcome You do not have access to this content.

Here workers are consulted on such aspects like welfare, work methods, safety programmes. Company workers can put across their points of view to the management with confidence. Several studies on WPM in India have concluded that participative forms of statutory and voluntary one have failed in Indian industries.

Workers’ Participation in Management (WPM) in India

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. While supporting the need for works committees, the Royal Commission on Labour suggested that, to promoting industrial harmony and to avoid misunderstanding and settle disputes, not only works committees be set up, but strong trade unions be developed stud labour officers be appointed.


Wages, bonus, personal problems of the workers are outside the scope of Joint management councils. Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews? Management must decide the number of shop councils. The purpose is as much to prevent the conflict as that of resolving the same with partlcipation bitterness.

Ibid, paras, 5, 13, p. Industrial Instrumentation Interview Questions. Politicisation and multiplicity of trade unions defeat the purpose of participation in management. There must be a free flow of information and communication between the management and the workers. The success of participation depends on a suitable participative structure and a change of heart on the part of case study on workers participation in management ppt and employees, which may take a long time to develop.

The joint management councils were established in which increased the labour participation in management. In the above scheme was extended to the PSUs like commercial oh service sector organizations employing or more persons.


The objectives of one party should not work at cross purposes with the objectives of the other party.

Participative management, naturally, is of little interest to such workers. Skip to main content.

The organizations include hotels, hospitals, railway and road transport, post and telegraph offices, state electricity boards. Making a great Resume: However, the employer of private sector did not favour board or corporate level participation in management. Industrial management Interview Questions. How to design your resume? Management and Labour Studies.

Industrial Democracy: Worker’s Participation in Management in India

Formulation of scheme specifying criteria regarding nomination of representatives from workers. Imprisonment up to 2 years or a fine up to Rs. To expedite this development, some sort of legislative action is necessary.