Now, this is a problem with the whole world education system; no education system in the world teaches life skills to students. But in India, we just focus on the academic part, textbooks knowledge only.

Instead of assignments, there can be some activities to develop students skills and potential. There are many upgrades which are following a successful path towards best education system.

It is unfortunate that while the education systems of the other nations have undergone major changes with the changing times and technological advancement we are still stuck with the old and mundane system.

Short Essay on Problems in Indian Education System – Important India

There is no magic formula for education system anywhere in the world there always good and bad things in the system. Technology, the world around changes essay on problems of education system in india fast and jobs too. Commercialization of education systemparticularly technical and professional education, has come to stay. However, one thing that changed for good during this time was that girls also began to seek education and were enrolled in schools. The medium of instruction particularly in science subjects is English.

Provlems of Education in India on the Eve of Independence. In an English medium school, you would expect your English teacher to tell you the deeper meaning behind a sweet Wordsworth poem. Students are expected to understand even the intricate concepts theoretically. Even though some schools have extra-curricular activities, there is hardly one class per week for these activities.


Now we have animation, simulation software, broadband, video communication and other related technologies which can assist Indian education system to make pproblems changes. But essay on problems of education system in india might take a decade or two to change this mark and number based system in India.

Definitely, we can learn from the western education systems and take the best part of sytsem, plus we can add our ancient education methods and modernize the way of delivering it.

Many of us feel that there should be some upgrades essay on problems of education system in india the education system. A majority of these young educated persons have ih struggle hard to fulfil their basic requirement which, obviously, brings in them a deep sense of frustration and confusion.

Problems Faced in the Progress of Education in India

We cannot blame the system completely for its failure. Those who identify the tools that help them grasp better are able to enhance their grasping power which helps them throughout their lives. Hence, education investment should be given educatio priority.

The last but not educatiin least failure of our education system is after so many years it has not being able to reduce social disparity in our country. The focus is only on studies. A child of a rich parent would get good education and a child of poor parent cannot afford even a basic education.

10 Fundamental Problems with Education System in India

Furthermore, there should be a proper performance appraisal system for the faculty members. We are observing some good trends in India where present government trying to push startup culture in colleges essay on problems of education system in india universities.


Seniority or age is the main factor or in the promotion of the teachers, we need to change this attitude. An independent autonomous body should be formed to guide, monitor and supervise all these things. Now industries focus on TEAM, not individuals. At the secondary level a pattern of common entrance test should be introduced in which om should constitute main consideration and everyone should be given equal opportunity. Essay on problems of education system in india lack of essat funds is the main problem in the development of education.

Yes, parent involvement is also very critical. It plays a prominent role in all-around development of individual as well as society. We have a great lineage of Vedic studies, Sanskrit; western world uses the teaching of it and we totally ignore it. Teachers read out from the book during the classes and explain the concepts verbally.