Responsibility is therefore assumed to be transferred to a combination of suppliers and public bodies.

FCA chief details business plan to boost fintech and innovation

Quite rightly, we fca business plan big data to make choices on our priorities. Close Window View the Magazine. Let me offer a few thoughts on the issue of how each of us values our data. In many parts of the sector we see strong competition daa acquire new business, which we welcome. As a regulator, the FCA is concerned about protecting consumers: Comments are moderated and fca business plan big data not appear until approved by the author.

In the general insurance sectorthe FCA will continue to look at the ability for travel insurance consumers with existing conditions to access the market, and will publish a Feedback Statement on its Call for Input on Access to Insurance in the summer of this year.

The FCA is not the primary regulator in fca business plan big data field, that role is taken by the Information Commissioner. Unauthorised loss or disclosure of customer data has also become a more significant issue, not least as a product of a number of high profile incidents some of which have originated in the financial services sector, others not.

And, I should add that we used travel insurance as an important case study.

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In insurance, servicing a contract means the legal basis to pay on claims to policyholders and receive premiums from them. To support this it has three operational objectives: It begs the important question, fca business plan big data what is informed consent in a world of large-scale data processing where speed is of the essence, and how can it operate in a world where the behavioural bias is to favour short-term rewards over longer-term goals?


Intelligence for the global adviser and wealth manager. She joined Deloitte in June Click on the boxes below for our latest thinking relating to the FCAs themes.

The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. This year we will also deliver a package of remedies as part of the Retirement Outcomes Review.

That said, the risks are that such processing can exacerbate information asymmetries, create conflicts of interest among commercial parties involved and can increase fca business plan big data risk of some consumers being excluded.

The Business plan notes a number of priorities and pieces of work that will touch upon vulnerability: This puts even more emphasis on having a Business Plan that explains how we approach our task, and where on the waterfront we will be placing a particular focus, on which issues and risks to our objectives to protect consumers, to protect the integrity of financial markets, and to promote effective competition in the interests of consumers.

I want to then take one particular issue that is attracting much more attention generally, namely the subject of data and its use. The FCA has an overarching fca business plan big data objective of ensuring the relevant markets function well. It almost goes without saying that general insurance is a very important sector both in its retail and wholesale forms. This matters because the authorisation provides the legal basis to continue to service existing contracts in many EU fca business plan big data including the UK.

The FCA will consult in May on measures to address low customer engagement, promote competition and improve transparency, and may consult later in the year on any additional measures potentially stemming from evidence and insight from the its Strategic Review of Retail Banking Models.


Sign Out URLs automatically linked. Asset managers must address the tax-reclaim scandal Comment: I am not going to attempt to summarise all of the FCA Business Plan in a shorter space than the description I have provided.

The FCA will also research undersaving for retirement, and will look at which consumer groups are most at risk of experiencing a shortfall in their bsuiness retirement provision. We will focus supervisory efforts on monitoring compliance with these new fca business plan big data and increasing our understanding of the use of trading algorithms and other innovations across the wholesale financial markets.


How can organisations rethink the risks associated with their digital strategy? Specialist providers are prepared to insure consumers with these conditions, and quite often at lower premiums based on a more in-depth risk assessment.

Another priority is to look closely at the operation of the primary and secondary markets where transaction reporting data, if fca business plan big data is of high quality, will be useful in its analysis.