After mature reflection—as I sslavery suppose it was Master Hugh granted me the privilege in question, on the following terms: My discontent grew upon me, and I was on the look-out for means of escape.

Some slaves have made enough, in this way, to purchase their freedom. There are reasons for this suppression, which I trust the reader will deem altogether valid.

Having worked four days that week, for my master, I handed him six dollars, on Saturday night. The going to camp-meeting without asking his permission—the insolent answers made frederick douglass escaped from slavery essay his reproaches—the sulky deportment the week after being deprived of the privilege of hiring my time—had awakened in him the suspicion that I might be cherishing disloyal purposes.

Had not Henry Box Brown and his friends attracted slaveholding attention to the manner of his escape, we might have had a thousand Box Browns per annum.

Thus ended my partial freedom. He was very much frererick he took the money, escaoed me, and told me I might have done the same thing the week before. I honor those good men and women for their noble daring, in willingly subjecting themselves to persecution, frederick douglass escaped from slavery essay openly avowing their participation in the escape of slaves; nevertheless, the good resulting from such avowals, is of a very questionable character.

I was a favorite with Mr.

How dare you go out of the city without first asking and obtaining my permission? You are bound to frederick douglass escaped from slavery essay yourself here every Saturday night. It relieved him of all anxiety concerning me. Butler, on the City Block, near the draw-bridge. The last two days of the week—Friday and Saturday—were spent mostly in collecting my things together, for my journey. Punished thus by Master Hugh, it was now my turn to punish him.


The effect of this mark of returning good sense, on my part, was excellent. He probably thought I was never better satisfied with my condition, than at the very time I was planning my escape. I’ll teach you how to go off in this way. You should visit Browse Happy and update your frederick douglass escaped from slavery essay browser today! I could hire my time no longer; and I obeyed my master’s orders at once. Saturday night came, and he called upon me, as usual, for my wages.

But, enough of this. The daughter is hindered from escaping, by frederick douglass escaped from slavery essay love she bears her mother, and the father, by the love he bears his children; and so, to the end of the frederick douglass escaped from slavery essay. No antislavery man can wish me to do anything favoring such results, and no slaveholding reader has any right to expect the impartment of such information.

I will now proceed to the statement of those facts, connected with my escape, for which I am alone responsible, and for which no one can be made to suffer but myself. I did not know that it was any part of the bargain that I should ask you when or where I should go. I would allow myself to suffer under the greatest imputations that evil minded men might suggest, rather than exculpate myself by explanation, and thereby run the hazards of closing the slightest avenue by which a brother in suffering might clear himself of the chains and fetters of slavery.


Master Hugh closed his reproofs, by telling me that, hereafter, I need give myself no uneasiness about getting work; that he “would, himself, see to getting work for me, and enough of it, at that. In my desperation, I had fully made up my mind to measure strength with Master Hugh, in case he should undertake to execute his threats. I will now make the kind reader acquainted with the closing incidents of my “Life as a Slave,” having already trenched upon the limit allotted to my “Life as a Freeman.

Douglass’s Escape from Slavery

The salt water slave who hung in the guards of a steamer, being washed three days and three nights—like another Jonah—by the waves of frederick douglass escaped from slavery essay sea, has, by the publicity given to the circumstance, set a spy on the guards of every steamer departing from southern ports. It so happened that I was not in very good odor, and I was far from being a trustworthy slave.

His wrath had been accumulating during the whole week; for he evidently saw that I was making no effort to get work, but was most aggravatingly awaiting his orders, in all things.