To Kill a Mockingbird is a conventional literary novel. The order is not necessarily the best one for you, so feel free to rearrange them.

Atticus receives presents from black community. There will be a choice of two essay titles and you will be asked to pick one. Do you think it is a good text for young people? We see this shyness as he stands out of the light, as he hesitates before stroking Jem’s hair, and as he speaks, in a whisper, only to ask Scout to see him home.

The mockingbird of the proverb is a harmless creature which does its best to please its hearers by singing, but which is defenceless against hunters. Jem and Scout go to the pageant. You may be surprised to find that the story was written for adult readers. In this story, we see a huge range of attitudes displayed by different characters. There are many ways in which one can write about a literary text, but among those most commonly encountered at Key Stages 3 and 4 would be gcse to kill a mockingbird essay study character, theme and technique.

She is a child and she understands. You can choose the age range for the gcse to kill a mockingbird essay.

The missionary circle meets for tea. Atticus tries to explain what he thinks real bravery is. Bob attacks them, but they are rescued.


This does not mean that it is full of sensational gcse to kill a mockingbird essay extreme situations, but that it has some of the qualities of a play – which also explains why it was successfully adapted for cinema.

This means that Scout uses the pronouns I, me and the possessives my, mine to refer to herself. Make a story written or scripted for speaking out of your recollection of any minor disaster like a fire, esswy a flood, or some other nockingbird accident.

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You can make use of almost anything he says. Feedback comments — good but improvements need to be made This answer does not clearly state what a mockingbird figure actually is. Scout learns more from tp variety of sources. This needs to be included in the introduction. This should be saved for the main body of the essay.

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The questions below should help students and teachers find what is important in mockingbirdd novel, and could prove useful for revision. Nathan Radley tells his neighbours about his shooting at the intruder in his garden.

Study these things she says about Atticus, and try to decide how far you agree with them, and, if you do, what they tell you:.


You should certainly, in any case, be making your own revision guides, and marking your copy of the book. The jury returns a verdict of guilty on Tom.

Simpson, the word “nigger” was considered too offensive to repeat in court, and was described as the “N-word”.

One way to begin looking at Atticus’s character is to read what other people say about him or to him. At the start of the novel the brief reference to Boo arouses the reader’s interest. One character in the novel earns Scout’s trust and the reader’s by her clear sightedness and honesty.

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It is written in the first person. The guide is written specifically for students in the UK, but I hope it may be helpful to users from other parts of the world. You will need some speakers to propose and oppose the motion, and someone to chair the debate.