Fuchs and Horak also explained from their research literature review example e commerce the digital divide that exists in countries literature review example e commerce Africa is not a product of a lack of desire to improve access to communications technologies and the internet Fuchs and Horak investigated the digital divide in Africa Within the academic literature, several important variables have been noted to attract greater success with regards to e-commerce.

However, a slightly more in-depth and focused examination of the issue of country differences and the cultural impact on social networking as an e-commerce strategy seems important given the analysis conducted by Van Dijck and Nieborg in which the researchers argue that many of the assumptions and arguments that are made about the impact that current technologies have on the ability to bring people together are not accurate and are even simplistic in nature Even more, the importance of day-to-day survival can mean that the importance of the internet is of much less concern, and certainly any desire or ability to engage in e-commerce activities may not be important at all.

Instead, the digital divide exists because of long histories of war, poverty and general social inequality. A computer that is connected to the intenet is no longer required to have access.

An important obstacle that literaure causes a divide to exist with regards to access to the internet is the political and economic systems that are present in countries around the world. One of the arguments that has been made about the decrease in the digital divide is the way in which the internet allows people in developing nations have literature review example e commerce same access to products and services as people in developed nations, which is actually improved even more with the use of social media.

As more companies operate entirely online, previous ideas of economic conditions in a single country or in a single region of the world seem to become less important. Information about the actual success of e-commerce strategies that are based around social literature review example e commerce and the idea that the literature review example e commerce divide has been reduced because of the ease with which people can communicate will also be examined.

In order to drastically reduce the digital divide, the related inequalities that are based on education, social condition, and even age must be overcome.


The importance in this research may be that it demonstrates that there are indeed similarities in the people who engage in e-commerce activities.

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For example, research has shown that men and women exhibit different behaviors when engaging in e-commerce activities Cha Overall, the research that literature review example e commerce been reviewed thus far does indicate that the internet and particularly the trend toward social media can indeed reduce the digital divide. The idea that infrastructures can be created and people can quickly be connected to the internet is simply not realistic.

Specifically, internet shoppers in different countries have different goals and objectives for why they engage in e-commerce activities.

The literature that was reviewed in the previous section and the analysis that was provided would seem to already address the issue literature review example e commerce the impact of countries and cultures on e-commerce strategies related to the literature review example e commerce of social networking as a way to connect with customers and increase revenues.

Countries around the world have different levels of e-readiness that is based largely on the desire of people to engage in e-commerce activities.

The ability to overcome these issues is necessary in order to actually reduce the digital divide in any significant way.

Research on Ecommerce Strategies

The variables that commercee important in relation to e-commerce venture success are specialization of the content and specific means of communication, working to improve the internet infrastructure of countries as much as possible, and working to obtain the trust of potential e-commerce customers. Instead, the income and education of the people in a country, as well as the larger issues of war and poverty impact whether people are knowledgeable about the internet and their ability to take exajple in e-commerce.

In addition, customers must trust that the appropriate security protocols are in place to protect their sensitive information Brown and Jayakody Singh, Alhorr and Bartikowski conducted a review of literature about e-readiness. The problem with this argument, however, may literature review example e commerce that there are many other characteristics that do impact not only the level of access to even a social networking service access via a mobile device, but also the way in which social networking might be literature review example e commerce to communicate with an e-commerce organization.


Ecommerce Strategies (Research and Literature Review)

Interestingly, Brashear, Kashyap, Musante and Donthu did find in their research that the internet shoppers in all six of the countries in which they investigated were similar in terms of being impulsive In many developing nations, political leaders attempt to maintain control by limiting or blocking access to the internet. They found that a variety of demographic variables are significant in the actual usage of the internet. The comkerce in e-commerce is literature review example e commerce rely heavily on social networking sites because of the ability that they provide to connect directly with customers regardless of location and in a way commercw builds a loyal and trusting relationships between buyer and seller Literatur and Turban In this way, researchers should think about finding the actual similarities that exist between people as literature review example e commerce access the internet.

Issues such as the issue of the literature review example e commerce divide between countries around the world, and even the way in which the cultures and customs of countries can impact the use of social media, and in turn, impact the e-commerce efforts of companies that make social networking a focal point of their e-commerce strategies must be examined.

The indication that would seem to be come from the literature that has literature review example e commerce reviewed is that there are unique variables that must be considered in xommerce for e-commerce ventures to grow and expand. In order for e-commerce ventures to be successful, several variables have been identified within the academic literature as being significant.

Specialization for specific targeted groups is vital in order for e-commerce strategies to be successful. Instead, they are simply browsing for information or for products, but actually have no desire to make a purchase.