Companies use different ways to promote their brand like a free gift, free sampling, giving their product as a gift with another well known product of their own brand or liiterature collaboration of any other company.

Therefore we can say that building a positive image of their brand companies have to try very hard. March 22, Citation: To keep the consumer aware of their brand and to sustain their customer a company will have to keep triggering its brand and advertise more and more to let the large number of people know about their brand. It may be an ;roject TVC, some special packaging regiew any particular attribute of the product which attracts the customer literature review of brand awareness project the product.

The Impact of Brand Awareness on the Consumersand#; Purchase Intention | OMICS International

It also has some basic theories describing the brand equity and factors influencing it. Another important factor that affects the purchase intention is the perceived awarfness to be paid for the product.

This paper presents a review about the impact of brand equity and brand awareness on the purchasing intentions of the consumers. This is the cognitive relationship of a consumer with the product. After going through all the information literature review of brand awareness project and gathered by the worthy articles it is here by concluded that consumers will prefer to buy the brand they know well.

J Account Mark 6: A consumer is always hesitant of buying new products. Brand awareness; Brand equity; Purchase intention; Brand performance; Brand loyalty; Purchase intention.


It is made by the perception and experience of the consumers therefore; a wise and conscious consumer only literature review of brand awareness project the brands well known to him and is also favorable. If consumer demand is not literature review of brand awareness project producers will lose the motivation to produce and it will affect the economic system [ 11 – 14 ].

Companies hire famous faces as their brand ambassadors and people get attracted towards the brand [ 10 ]. The major brand assets categories are: Brand awareness is a primitive level of brand knowledge, involving at least identification of the name of a brand or a structure that has been developed on detailed information. Brand image means how a consumer perceives a brand.

It means how much a brand fulfills the awarenezs of its consumers. Brand awareness is the measurement of the accessibility of a brand in the memory of the customer.

The name of a brand is the first thing which attracts a consumer towards a brand.

So, the purpose of the study is to know the effects of brand awareness on the customer purchase intention. Guidelines Upcoming Special Literature review of brand awareness project. The influence of advertisement is always on a large scale. This type of decision can be categorized into an unplanned buying decision.

The purpose of the paper is to elaborate the relation between the awareness of a brand and the intention of consumer of buying that brand.

The Impact of Brand Awareness on the Consumers’ Purchase Intention

The understanding of consumer behavior helps the marketers to answers of what, where, when, how and why of the consumption of the product. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. It will help the readers to come across the work done by various well known authors at one place and hence literaturr help to know how knowing a brand well will affect the consumer in making decision about buying a product.


Partially-planned buying means that consumers decide the product category before going to the store, and decides about the brand after arriving at the literature review of brand awareness project.

These consumers think that only expensive products are high quality. Research Article Open Access.

It means the extent of the commitment of a customer to his brand and how many times he repeats his purchases for the same brand.

If the consumer knows well about his brand he will have more opportunities for buying and he will always make wise economic decision [ 9 ]. If the company has an attractive brand name literature review of brand awareness project will be encouraged prlject buy that product.