Indicate in your review which column in each category best describes the essay.

Sources are accurately documented, may contain a few minor errors in format. Contains detailed background information and a clear explanation of the problem.

Refutation missing or vague. Locate and mark or underline these three items in the introductory paragraph: Punctuation, spelling, capitalization are correct. Conclusion effectively summarizes topics.

Writing is clear, but sentences fofm lack variety.

Commentary is logical, and well thought out. Commentary is not present. Thesis clearly states the problem.

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Be sure to address each of the main categories listed on the form. Writing is confusing, hard to follow. Transitions are mature and graceful. Distracting errors in punctuation, spelling, capitalization.

Sources are relevant and reliable. Can you circle at least one or two transitions in every paragraph? Logical progression of ideas with a clear structure that enhances the thesis. Sources are integrated into the text, and accurately documented using correct format. Writing is smooth, skillful, coherent.


Peer Review Form for Argument Essay

Introduction creates interest and contains background information. Background details are a random collection of information, unclear, or not related to the topic. Three or more main points are related to the thesis, but one may lack details. Peer editing form persuasive essay is consistent and words well chosen. Sentences are strong and expressive with varied structure. Introduction adequately explains the background of the problem, but may lack detail.

A few errors in punctuation, spelling, capitalization. Conclusion does not summarize main points.

Refutation acknowledges opposing view logically and clearly. Conclusion effectively wraps up and goes beyond restating the thesis. Transitions are peer editing form persuasive essay present.

Refutation esszy acknowledges the opposing view and summarizes points. What needs more work? What is the organizational pattern?

Thesis clearly states a significant and compelling position.